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Nonjiba Events & Catering Services is a team of professionals with tangible experience in the corporate and private hospitality industry. Our passion for this business is the concrete foundation on which we attain and retain our clients or customers.

As professionals, we are accustomed to treat each day and event as a new challenge with an aim of getting the best results.

Our people-skills cocktailed with our undying commitment to serve others fuel us into going the extra mile all the time. Our ability to engage the most suitable approach allows us to create stimulating corporate experiences from team building to bespoke client events.

At Nonjiba Events & Catering Services Pty Ltd, our belief is that all our clients provide the sea of opportunity for us to thrive and there is no business that is too small or too big for us to handle. Our unbiased approach towards our clients empowers us to deliver the best customer service by customizing all our private and corporate hospitality services packages based on individual or group circumstances.

Our teams draw inspiration from the smiles our clients stamp as approval of the quality of service we render for their timely or annual events. Our focus on unparalleled service offers guarantee for all our clients to relax and enjoy their celebrations.

Our clients get all-inclusive packages that include the best facilities, entertainment as well as outstandingly unforgettable food and beverage services. Nonjiba Events & Catering Services hosts parties or seminars flawlessly in elegance by using the essential elements of excitement and creativity.

Tangible experience gathered along the way helps us create very magical events by mixing the important ingredients that engineer exclusivity for all our clients’ private or corporate events. This brews for us a quality event with magical proceedings from the start to the finish.

You name the celebration and we theme it, craft the look and master the feel for you to relax. Then you will have some more relaxing to do whilst every minute detail is taken care of by our teams of professionals.



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