The most important goal for us in this business is to focus on excellent service delivery for our clients and guests.

We seek to coach our teams on how to handle difficult situations at work at the same time creating opportunities for personal development for everyone involved.

Our intention is to develop and maintain standards in the hospitality industry by taking hands with our clients and stakeholders.

PROJECT Objectives

*We at Nonjiba Hotel Services seek to be the best in what we do by:

*Being able to create, develop and maintain constantly measurable output on capital outlay for our clients or any other stakeholders directly involved with the operations of our business

*Creating opportunities for staff to develop personally and ultimately excelling career-wise

*Fostering information and support systems aimed at empowering staff rendering outsourced services and the management working directly above them

*Equipping our services staff with the right skills and equipment relevant to accomplishing our clients’ project objectives, we seek to offer the best on and offsite training schemes without necessarily making the client pay for any or part of the related costs.


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