Why we remain the best in the business

• Offering quality food services for all our corporate clients without straining their budgets

• Ensuring that we offer the highest measurable Return on Investment for all our clients and customers.

• Delivering culinary experiences that make events unique and memorable each time our clients use our services.

• Offering wholesomely fairly priced catering packages that ethnically offer diversity in terms of food options.

• Offering a choice of exclusive venues that offer the right capacities, status, locations and experiences.

• Creating and maintaining world class cuisines with higher precision customer services.

• Surpassing and keeping our clients happy beyond normally acceptable satisfaction levels using authentic cuisines, when we say African it will be African and we keep Moroccan Cuisines Moroccan.

• Staying organic whenever possible for the best of our clients’ health.

• Guaranteeing extra miles in customer and client satisfaction at all times.

• Maintaining consistency in the delivery of quality customer service for each encounter we have with one or many of our clients separately or at the same time.

• Creating rapport and excellent relationships with all stakeholders by rapid responsiveness to needs and requests.

• Creating opportunities for personal and career development for all our service teams including good wages and benefits, access to continuous training and capacity building whilst also ensuring that everyone has a part to play in decision making and ownership.

• Participating and see through related skills developments in the communities we operate from.

• Partnering with our clients in the advertisement of their business every time we engage on our marketing campaigns.

Work hard and play hard...its essential for success!

Work hard and play hard...its essential for success!

Work hard and play hard...its essential for success!