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Nonjiba Capacity BuIlding

Customized Corporate Capacity Building Programmes

Nonjiba is one of the leading companies in the hospitality industry, offering high standard services in events management which is driven by its team of professionals. As part of our mission we also offer short corporate trainings in Hospitality, Leadership and Business Administration. Apart from the short courses on our calendar Nonjiba also does customized training courses upon request, to address identified Organizational/Institutional gaps. Such courses can be done at a negotiated cost and venue convenient to the client. Nonjiba trainers are from a pool of professional partners within the hospitality industry network.

Our courses are offered utilising broad training methodologies aiming at maximum inter-action, modern and environmental conscious methods. These includes; Classroom Sessions, Group Discussions, Simulations exercises, Case studies and Problem Solving Exercises, Individual assignments and templates & tools


Soft Skills

*Events and Travel Management

*People and Culture Management

*Team Building and Networking Skills

*Effective Communication Skills

*Effective Customer Service Skills

*Effective Customer Service Skills

*Dealing With Difficult Customers

*Time Management Skills

*Stress Management Skills

*Conflict Management Techniques

*Negotiation Skills


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