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Nonjiba Event Management Services

As a corporate hospitality services specialist, we have come of age to become noticeable and different in whatever we do. Nonjiba offers customized hospitality and banqueting services that cater for your event or function from the planning stage to the last thing that might have to be done before and after the day of event.

Our consultants infuse their exceptional organizational experience with the best communication skills whilst gathering and managing all complex details pertaining to the execution of every task that forms part of your special event or day. This combined with our ability to devise analytical skills puts us in the perfect position to be able to multi-task and deliver the perfect result for your event. People skills across the divide (cross-cultural, adaptation and social economic group skills) allow us to be able to adapt to individual or group needs at the same time ensuring that we do not stray off the path or overall event objectives.

Relying on our teams having strong coordination efficiency, innovativeness and creative problem solving guarantees our seeing through the success of your event. Because we are strong in our teamwork, we cement the whole process using effective definition of event objectives and offering adequate backing from our immediate managerial or supervisory support teams in the action plans.

Our flawless process of converting event objectives into action plans leads and inspires the production teams therefore harvesting for us the best results without compromising quality or time standards.

All this cocktailed with reputable corporate morals, principles and tangible experience in conducting any level of business makes us an out of this world escape route for you and everyone else directly or indirectly involved in the processes of executing your plans.