consultation with client and Event Planning

Nonjiba Events possesses vivid understanding that the success of your event is reliant on detailed planning and execution of the event objectives.We do our best to bring out the best results that are ultimately meant to develop and maintain your business at its next best level of its lifecycle.

In synchrony, we pave the way and gather up to the smallest but critical elements of your event or special day. This then allows us to develop a compact action plan with activities pulling in the same direction as and when they are timed. In us also understanding that all committed resources owe a return, we do the best to get your desired output from any investment you make regarding you or your team objectives.

At Nonjiba, we fuse together audio-visuals bringing out all the critical themes or ideas that you wish to be emphasized whilst ensuring that there is the most appropriate culinary experience that will bring out the hidden but noticeable colours of your hosted events. Our staff remaining professional and sufficiently aware that they backbone our services ensures that we reap the best out of any commitment or resource allocation you and us make.

Remaining detail orientated multi-taskers makes all of us able to handle all activities meant to be happening at the same time as well as remain camera sharp in capturing the finer details shared by your guests or patrons during the event. We remember to also shower you with suggestions that might be most efficient in seeing through the success of your event as means to guarantee that your expectations are met using any means possible.